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Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Siding Contractor

Have you ever considered the monumental importance of asking the right questions when hiring a professional siding contractor? You’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect.

Let’s take a moment to simplify this task, as it’s essential to recognize that your home’s siding is not just about aesthetics but also a key player in its overall protection.

Asking the right questions, such as inquiring about a contractor’s experience or the types of materials they use, could be the difference between a well-executed project and a disastrous one.

Question 1: Experience and Credentials

First off, you’ll want to ask your siding contractor about their experience and credentials, as this can provide valuable insight into their expertise and reliability in the industry. It’s not just about how long they’ve been in the business but also about the quality of work they’ve delivered over the years. Ask for specific examples of similar jobs they’ve completed, and don’t shy away from requesting references. This will help you gauge their skill level and customer satisfaction rate.

Their credentials, on the other hand, should include proper licensing and insurance. You don’t want to be held liable for any accidents that may occur on your property. The contractor should also be certified by the manufacturers of the products they use, ensuring they’re up-to-date with the best installation practices.

Question 2: Insurance and License Details

Building upon their credentials, it’s crucial to dig deeper into the specifics of your contractor’s insurance and licensing. These details shield you from potential liabilities and ensure that your contractor adheres to local regulations.

Adequate Insurance:

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: This protects you if a worker gets injured on your property.
  • Liability Insurance: This covers property damage caused by the contractor’s team.


  • State License: This demonstrates your contractor’s legitimacy and adherence to state guidelines.
  • Specialty License: Some states require specialty licenses for specific jobs, such as siding installation.

Question 3: Types of Materials and Brands Installed

Delving into the types of materials and brands your potential contractor installs, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of their expertise and the quality of work you can expect. This question will reveal if they work with top-quality brands and if they’re experienced with various materials like vinyl, fiber cement, or wood siding.

If they’re skilled in installing a wide range, it’s a good sign. However, specialization in a particular type can also be beneficial, as it suggests in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Don’t shy away from asking about their preferred brands, too. It’s essential to know if they use reputable, high-quality ones to ensure the durability of your siding. You can always ask about the material’s pros and cons and do your own research on them online.

Lastly, their answers may also provide insights into their commitment to staying updated with industry trends.

Question 4: Previous Project Portfolio

After exploring their expertise in materials and brands, it’s crucial to ask about their previous project portfolio. This will give you a clear picture of their work quality, design style, and overall experience. Request to see before and after photos of their past projects, paying attention to the details and craftsmanship.

Consider these points while examining their portfolio:

Look at the transformation:

  • How does the ‘before’ compare to the ‘after’?
  • Ask how they handled any challenging aspects.

Assess the quality:

  • Notice the quality of the material they used.
  • Is the workmanship neat, precise, and professional?

Question 5: Project Timeline Estimation

While evaluating their portfolio offers valuable insights into their craftsmanship and quality, it’s equally important to inquire about their estimated project timeline. An accurate timeline gives you clarity on when your project will start, its various stages, and the expected completion date. This information helps you plan better and reduces the likelihood of inconvenient surprises.

Ask them how long they anticipate the project will take from start to finish. Remember, it’s not just about a fast completion but a balance between speed and quality work. Also, inquire about any potential delays that might occur and how they plan to handle such situations. A professional contractor should be able to provide a realistic timeline and stick to it.

Question 6: Warranty and After-Sale Service

What about the warranty and after-sale service for your new house siding? It’s essential to understand the warranty’s scope, duration, and coverage. Ensure you’re clear about what’s included and what’s not.

Warranty specifics:

  • Does the warranty cover both labor and materials?
  • Is the warranty transferrable if you sell your home?

Furthermore, don’t forget to ask about the contractor’s after-sale service.

After-sale service:

  • Will they respond quickly if there are installation issues?
  • Do they offer regular maintenance services?

You’re investing in your home’s long-term protection, so it’s crucial to choose a contractor who stands behind their work and supports you even after the job is complete.

Ask these Questions to ARJ Construction When You Come in for Siding

Before you finalize your decision to hire ARJ Construction for your home’s exterior remodeling project, it’s crucial to ask certain key questions to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Inquire about the range of quality services we specialize in, and ask how our team will work with you to find the perfect design solution.

Ask about the quality of the products we use and how they suit different house styles.

It’s also important to discuss pricing and whether quality or service will be sacrificed for cost.

Don’t forget to ask about the types of siding projects we offer, be it vinyl, fiber cement, or something else, and how we ensure the best results.

Lastly, request professional siding estimates.

Contact us today for expert siding services.

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Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Siding Contractor

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